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Paestum, Temples and Buffalo Mozzarella

Paestum, Temples and Buffalo Mozzarella


Why to stay in Salerno for a day trip in Paestum?
– If you want to visit the greek temples;
– If you would love to discover an important  italian food of the campania area: the “mozzarella di bufala”.

The Salerno railway station is only 850 meters distance from Bed and Breakfast Salerno Centro. The distance is therefore walkable through Corso Vittorio Emanuele which is a pedestrian street and full of shops.
Via a regional train you can easily reach Paestum in about half an hour. Once you get off the train you can reach the archaeological area (only 1km away) by walking or by taxi.

Paestum is an ancient city of Magna Grecia. Magna Graecia is the geographic area of ​​southern Italy that from the VIII century B.C. was colonized by the Greeks. It was called by the founders “Poseidonia” in honour of Poseidon, god of the sea according to Greek mythology.

The temples of Paestum are the “Basilica” (the oldest of the three), the “Athena” (or Cecere) and the temple of “Neptune”. The only one of the three of which we know the divinity to which it was dedicated is that of Athena, goddess of war and craftsmanship. It must be said that the attribution to Neptune of one of the temples is rather disputed. In fact, there are those who claim that it was instead dedicated to Zeus.

The entrance ticket to the museum and / or the archaeological area can be purchased inside the ticket office, located halfway up the avenue that runs alongside the temples.As with all Italian monuments, admission is free on the first Sunday of each month of the year.

Even if you don’t have specific knowledge about archeology, the museum, the temples and the archaeological area can all be visited in half a day.

What is there to do then before or after visiting the temples?
We at the Bed and Breakfast Salerno Centro recommend eating mozzarella or fresh ricotta in the many shops or dairies in the area. For several years our experience has taught us that Paestum is also chosen by visitors who want to know how the whole production process of buffalo mozzarella and its derivatives works.

In the Paestum area there are some family businesses that for generations have been dedicated to the production and marketing of dairy products. Some of these stand out for their respect for the environment, care of the animals, completely biological methods and quality of the final product.
It is possible to participate in the so-called “mozzarella tour” at the “Vannulo” Estate. It starts with the explanation and the overview of the process from the milk to the stretched curd and thence to the finished product: mozzarella cheese.

We then move on to visiting the stables and the buffaloes. Here it is interesting to see how the animals are in great shape thanks to careful feeding and the massages they enjoy: when the buffalo wishes to enjoy a regenerating treatment, it approaches rotary arms equipped with sponges and in this way reaches a state of bliss. This ensures that the milk is of superior quality and at the same time it honours what should be an important aspect of all agricultural food processes.

The next step is to visit of the spaces used for the artisan production of leather goods through the use of buffalo leather which has been previously subjected to a first working in Tuscany.

The journey ends with tasting the mozzarella and an invitation to visit the cafeteria of the dairy where you can enjoy ice cream, yogurt, cappuccino, ice cream and other delicacies for which only buffalo milk is used.

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